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Contact Info
Wolfiz Technologies, First Floor, SNC center, Block D, Blue Area, Islamabad

Towards Carbon Neutrality

Let’s do our role in making the world carbon neutral.

Our Story

The 2021 extreme weather events were a harsh reminder of the consequences of neglecting the planet. It was a wake-up call for us to take action to protect the earth and make a difference.

So our whole team got to work. We started by educating ourselves about the causes of climate change and how we could reduce our carbon footprint. We changed our lives by reducing our energy and water usage, planting trees and using eco-friendly products. But, we also recognised the need for a larger system. After plenty of research, learning and drafting, we’ve come up with O2Globe, a holistic platform giving all motivation & functionality required for a contribution towards the universal goal of improving nature and carbon sequestration.


Sowing Seeds for a product that will eventually change the landscape of earth in coming years.


We developed O2Globe, but as it was a massive project, some features still needed much work and refinement.

2023 - Today

Our team has grown to about 50+ people. The app is available worldwide and gets a little bit better every day.

About O2Globe

O2Globe is a holistic platform giving all motivation & functionality required for a contribution towards the universal goal of improving nature and carbon sequestration. Individuals, Organizations such as Governments, Private Bodies, Educational & Companies, and Nurseries can join O2Globe for the single goal of reducing Carbon footprints and producing oxygen sources.

Planting yourself, Plantation via donation, Tree relocation, Sourcing and providing trees, Managing plantation drives, Leaderboard, and AR plantation are some of many features of O2Globe.

You can plant a tree and earn money by planting trees for others.

You can donate money to have a paid individual plant trees on your behalf.

Institutes can organize plantation drive and invite people.

Nurseries can open their green store on the app and sell plants.

Global Crisis

Our Planet is Suffering from catastrophic effects of Global Warming & Climate Change. Rising sea levels, leading to the loss of coastal land, a change in precipitation patterns, increased risks of droughts and floods are impacting the lives of 8 Billion people on the planet.

Product Development

Development is carried over in latest hybrid technology, ‘Flutter’ ,which will facilitate us in launching Web and Desktop apps for
Windows, Macintosh & Linux,

This will make sure that none of our audience is missed.

It will put us miles ahead as a platform in IT Globe & will make us the most robust platform on Green cause till date.

Marketing Opportunities

Big untapped Global Market full of Opportunities

Governments are planning to plant 1.2 Trillion trees by 2030 for neutralizing their carbon footprints that will create following marketing opportunities

1.2 T

Trees plantation

1 T

USD Market Size

45 M

Jobs Worldwide

0.5 T

USD saved in Disasters

Financial Analysis

1 Million users by JUNE 2023

– 1000+ Nurseries
– 500,000 Individuals
– 50+ Universities
– 10+ Government bodies

20 M

Trees plantation

9 M

USD Business for nurseries

750 K

USD in Comissions

100 K

USD iAP & Monetization

Be a Climate Hero!

We launched O2Globe to empower millions to act as one united force for the planet. Sounds like something you could get behind? Download the app and join our mission.